NAGMR: How to Start a Business as a Product Representative

Are you looking for a fast track to success as a manufacturer and product representative? Becoming independent may be just the tick for you. If you like to sell and like to be on your own, going independent may be the best thing for a product representative, product broker, food broker, or general merchandise broker or representative.

The typical product broker, product representative, and food broker represents on average eight to ten products that don’t compete with one another. Product brokers and representatives work inside and outside the United States and use a representative workforce that’s efficient and cost-effective.

NAGMR’s product representatives and product brokers say breaking into this field is not easy and about two years to put together a stockpile of products to represent that will make a decent living.  The potential earnings are good for independent product brokers, product representatives, food brokers, and general merchandise brokers, averaging about $150,000 a year income.

NAGMR’s product representatives and product brokers say they are doing more than selling. Some product representatives train their client companies on how to sell, offsetting a cost to their customers. Some product representatives, product brokers, and food brokers who sell to wholesalers have conference calls with the wholesaler’ sales staff.

NAGMR’s product representatives and product brokers say finding products to represent can be done by working trade shows where manufacturers and customers can be found together. Product representatives also use the internet to find products to represent.

NAGMR can make your highest and most ambitious business goals attainable.  Let us help you identify your sales demographic, create and expand your market. NAGMR product brokers and product representatives will get your foot in the door of the highest volume retail giants. NAGMR is all about increasing awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, in order to increase in-store visibility of your general merchandise.  Let NAGMR’s directory of product brokers, product representatives, and food brokers, help brand, place, market, and SELL your products. Go online for a free assessment today, or to inquire how you can become a member.

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