Why Choose NAGMR?

NAGMR is a Professional Association that represents leading manufacturers in the over-the-counter, drug-related products, general merchandise, and food trades.  NAGMR BROKERS are sales specialists in Health & Beauty Aids, Cosmetics, General Merchandise, Food Products, with special expertise in Over-the-Counter drug-related products.  NAGMR Brokers will supplement your existing sales force,  or operate successfully as your exclusive sales force,  efficiently, productively, and on a very cost-efficient basis.  We are an all-encompassing association of general merchandisers that not only helps manufacturers BRING YOUR PRODUCT TO MARKET, but also INCREASE SALES!

Over the Counter Drug Related Products

NAGMR members specialize in placing Over-the-Counter drug representatives and their products in high volume stores.  Studies show that  75% of the US population lives within a 5 mile radius of a pharmacy.  Smaller, high traffic or high volume locations are now the trend in placement of  your products, as opposed to large, traditional grocery store venues.  NAGMR uses national networking, tried-and-true marketing strategies, and expert sales techniques to place Over-the-Counter drug representatives and their products in these lucrative locations.

General Merchandise

NAGMR can make your highest and most ambitious business goals attainable.  Let us help you identify your sales demographic, create and expand your market.  NAGMR brokers and product representatives will get your foot in the door of the highest volume retail giants. NAGMR is all about increasing awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, in order to increase in-store visibility of your general merchandise.  Let us help brand, place, market, and SELL your products.

Food Products

NAGMR Food Brokers provide a range of services; some will offer national or regional coverage, others work in smaller areas. Customarily, they make it a practice to represent food manufacturers with non-conflicting product lines as this permits the food brokers to build a range of product offerings to present to their prospective buyers; also avoiding preferential treatment on potentially competing products. Consumers’ continued quest for convenience and the recession-driven trend toward smaller orders are bringing fundamental changes to the food business.  NAGMR will proactively KEEP YOU AHEAD of all trends and curves in food industry brokering.