Code of Ethics

The members shall diligently strive to observe the Fair Code and Ethics which is set forth as follows:

  1. Comply with the accepted practices of principals and their customers.
  2. Perform in the assigned territory regularly and conscientiously.
  3. Perform services in an honest forthright manner and avoid misrepresentation of any character.
  4. Serve manufacturers as they would expect to be served by their own sales personnel.
  5. Foster, develop and maintain better relations among consumer product brokers, their principals, and customers in the common interest of all.
  6. Improve the general standing of consumer product brokers and promote their welfare.
  7. Stabilize and maintain uniform and fair usages, customs, and practices of consumer product brokers.
  8. Work to improve the profession of consumer product brokers by subscribing to this Fair Code of Ethics, in practical ways, toward the advancement of the general welfare of principals and their customers.